Interview with Tommy Tinelli


La Mito srl Distribution was founded in 1999 by Tommaso Tinelli, a visionary entrepreneur from Puglia. The company manufactures and sells professional refrigerated equipment under the exclusive Klimaitalia brand, both in Italy and abroad.

Constant research leads to highly technological, innovative and attractively designed products.

The company has an operational structure, and since 2020 the new 12,000 m2 factory has been in operation, which includes 600 m2 of offices and showrooms and 11,500 m2 of warehouse space. This allows us to guarantee large stocks of all products in the catalogue with immediate delivery.

Our strong point is our after-sales service, based on a network of more than 340 service centres located throughout Italy, coordinated by our managers.


Questions and answers

After twenty months of pandemic and deep crisis in the HoReCa wholesale drinks market, there are signs of recovery. How is Klimaitalia preparing to restart and face the challenge of recovery?
The foundations on which Klimaitalia products are based have always been constant research and continuous evolution. Since we were born, nothing has been achieved outside of this logic. The pandemic was certainly an economic setback and a tragic time, but like any difficult period, we dealt with it through innovation. One example of this is the new products for various sectors that we will be showing at the Host trade fair in Milan from 22 to 26 October. Klimaitalia has never stopped its research and today we can develop the best products for our customers.


What problems have you encountered in this restart phase, what consequences has this long-term COVID crisis caused, are you experiencing increases or other problems in general?
We are all aware that the remnants of the pandemic at the moment is the steep rise in the price of container transport and the shortage of transport supply. Like everyone else, we have had difficulties, but today we have managed to contain the problem, thanks to a supply network that has mitigated the problem by relying on extensive business relationships.


How do you intend to handle these issues in order to also maintain your standards and the competitiveness of your products?
As we have always done: with innovation, constant research and intense study. With our Turkish production partners, we are able to satisfy all customers and, at the same time, innovate the field of refrigeration. In addition, our research, both at the production and commercial level, is expanding, allowing us to always have the best product on the market.


Klimaitalia has always been at the forefront of product innovation and new proposals, what’s new for 2022? Can you give us some hints?
For HoReCa, the Host trade fair in Milan is the equivalent of Venice for cinema, so we will be there on that red carpet and we are delighted about that, even just for the pleasure of returning to the fair with and for our customers. We have worked hard during this period, and it is thanks to this energy that we have been able to create beautifully designed products whose function reflects the latest food trends. We will also place a lot of emphasis on elegant details, from the fusion style of the wine storage fridges, an area that is very dear to us. For all the details, however, I recommend that you visit us in Hall 3, Stand U41/V40.

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