Research, innovation and evolution are the fundamental elements that make up our company DNA. Today, after years of hard work, our evolution is also expressed through the new plant, located in Via dell’Innovazione e della Tecnica in the industrial area of Noci (BA).


We are proud to uphold our values, while also incorporating a determined, forward-looking attitude. An important milestone that is reflected by our customers and in the continuous development of our products: certified and of high quality.


Klimaitalia is a brand full of design content, but after several years it has also managed to assert itself as a corporate soul, enriching itself with people, ideas and harmony. With this new skin, we have tried to encapsulate all our concepts within the new factory, because places are not just material, they influence and define us.


With everyone’s effort, we have created a strong company ready for the future. The new building consists of


  • a team of more than 25 professionals;
  • 600 sqm of offices and showrooms;
  • more than 1500 customers;
  • enhanced after-sales services;
  • assistance within 24/48 hours;
  • more than 11,500 sqm for storage and warehousing.


Today we start again together, in a new look and with a certain leaning towards tomorrow.



By designing the new company spaces, we have made the daily life of our employees easier and more liveable. The real plus comes from the shooroom area, for all those customers interested in viewing products in a pre-equipped area, and the warehouse, which is finally able to handle customer needs.


With the new sizes, the planned and emergency requirements of our fitters were fully met.


Finally, a particularly large area studied in detail is the spare parts area. Catalogued shelving, efficient service and guaranteed professionalism for every model of refrigerator mean that the right product is available for any situation.


Every step towards evolution is a step towards our customers, those customers who are our true source of inspiration in strategic planning.

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