About us

La Mito Srl Distribuzione was born in 1999 and is highly specialized in the production and sale of professional equipment for the commercial refrigeration market. The company is owner of Klimaitalia trademark, as well as exclusive distributor of this brand throughout Italy and abroad.

Klimaitalia does not only supply refrigerating equipment, but also offers various customized tools aimed at supporting customers’ business strategies.

The R&D department constantly works in order to keep up with the times, by carrying on careful market analysis, thus producing innovative and high-tech equipment with efficient cooling performance (led technology, electronic motors, air flow optimisation).

We have developed a complete range of “green” equipment that allows a reduction of energy consumption up to 60%, a significant reduction in terms of costs and high performance.

The company is equipped with a wide operating facility, that since 2020 makes use of a new building, covering an area of over 12.000 m2 (129.166,93 ft). It is made up of 600 m2 (6.458,35 ft) offices and showroom and over 11.500 m2 (123.784,97 ft) warehouse, that allows to store a huge quantity of goods and to ensure a prompt delivery. The Headquarter is equipped with high-tech and specific working tools available for experienced human resources.

The after-sales service represents a strong point and relies on more than 340 service centers across each Italian province, that are coordinated by an inner team which is always at customers’ disposal.

The result is a professional and constant service that ensures reliability of products and people.